Blessed With The Cross Throw Pillow Cover

Blessed With The Cross Throw Pillow Cover

  • $14.95

  • $14.95
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Have you ever wished your throw pillows were softer or more comfortable to lay on? Have you ever woken up with allergies, tangled hair or wrinkles in your skin? 

Then check out our new hypoallergenic, static and wrinkle-free throw pillow covers. They are specially hand-made to be warm, smooth and silky on the front while being cool, soft and fuzzy on the back.

We understand how much you care for your body which is why we made the front of our pillow covers from our anti-static, non-absorbent satin material. This keeps your hair from getting tangled and your skin from getting wrinkled. 
It also keeps all dog and cat hair from collecting on the pillow while repelling all dust and debris. It also helps prevent all allergies and allergic reactions from occurring as well.

As for the back of our pillow covers, we use our own patented design. We call it our “Pillow Envelope Seal.” This does away with all sharp metal zippers, tangled threads, or hard round buttons. It gives you that comforting feeling you always wanted letting you rest easier and feel more relaxed. 

Every one of our throw pillow covers are 100% machine washable and dryer safe. They are guaranteed to never bleed, fade or flake off onto the rest of your clothes, even on the first wash.

Even though our pillow covers are not 100% waterproof, they serve as a great moisture barrier. This helps protect your pillows from those sudden spills or unexpected accidents that occur when you least expect it.

And when those sudden accidents do occur, no worries! Simply throw your pillow cover it in the wash with the rest of your clothes and it will come out smelling fresh and new all over again.

You can pick from any one of our hundreds of unique pillow cover designs and use it to create a whole new environment for your home, office or special event. They even make great gifts for you or that special someone.

Throw Pillow Cover Specs:

    Made with our patented satin fabric, our throw pillow covers are cool and smooth on the front, while soft warm and fuzzy on the back.
    Our unique material helps keep your hair tangle-free while preventing wrinkles from forming in your skin during time of use.
    Our custom pillow envelope seal eliminates all sharp metal zippers, snaps or buttons making comfortable on all sides.
    All our custom handmade pillow covers are 100% washer and dryer safe. They are guaranteed not to bleed or damage other belongings 
    - even during the first wash.


Material: Cotten & Satten Mix
Front Color(s): Assorted Colors
Back Color(s): White
Net Weight: 2.17oz - 60g
Width: 18" inches - 45.7 cm 
Heigth: 18" inches - 45.7 cm

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