Christmas Workout Leggings For Women With Beautiful Stars

Christmas Workout Leggings For Women With Beautiful Stars

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  • $39.95 $59.95
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Have you ever wanted to look more slim and sharp without having to lose weight or suck-in your tummy? Then check out our brand new “Non-See-Through” high-waisted, ultra-soft and super-slim leggings with our newly patented flexible compression!

Whether you want to exercise doing yoga, squats or aerobics; or have fun playing, partying, shopping or relaxing at home, our high-waist flexible compression leggings are perfect for anyone wanting more comfort and freedom!

Our team of researchers and technical engineers developed a new 4-way stretch fabric that fits perfectly to the shape of your body. Each one of our leggings compresses, lifts, and fits you perfectly while helping flatten your tummy and hide any extra fat or unwanted rolls or wrinkles - giving you that perfect slim streamlined look you always wanted!
All of our leggings are made from our high-quality flexible compression fabric. They are 82% polyester and 18% spandex. The softness and smoothness of our leggings give you that smooth buttery soft feeling making them perfect for work, parties, going out, or relaxing at home.

Our leggings also work out great for “double-layering” and staying warm. If you are ever cold or need to cover up, you can wear our leggings under your pants or dresses without anyone ever knowing.

Our leggings are also 100% pet-friendly! They repel all pet hair and dandruff and do not attract any loose fur or dirt. This means you can hold your pet in your lap or play with them all day long and never worry about pet hair, dandruff or dirt sticking to you.

All of our leggings are 100% washer safe and dryer friendly. They are guaranteed to never bleed, deteriorate or flake onto the rest of your clothes - even during the first wash. This is because instead of applying our designs to the surface of our leggings, we use a 100% permanent dye that is absorbed deep into the fabric.
Our leggings are made to withstand the strongest bleaches and detergents on the market. You can wash and dry them with the rest of your clothes and never worry about them bleeding, deteriorating or falling apart.
Best of all, when your legging is done being washed you can expect them to be 100% wrinkle-free while smelling fresh and new all over again.

Non-See-Through - High Wasted Leggings:

    Our leggings are made from smooth brushed polyester and spandex blend that creates a buttery smooth texture. It stretches in all directions to the shape of your body keeping you comfortable all day!
    Our leggings come in all sizes and can fit any waistline. They will hug your waistline snuggly keeping them in place while preventing any sagging or slipping down.
    Our high waisted leggings are your “go-to” everyday leggings. You can pair them with a fitted top and a blazer to wear to work or special events. They also work great layering up with boots and scarves during the fall and winter season. They even work great with a simple tank top to stay cool during the spring and summer months.
    All of our 4-Way Stich Leggings are 100% machine washable and dryer safe. They can withstand any of the strongest bleaches and detergents on the market. The designs will not bleed, fade or deteriorate - even on the first wash. 

Made In The USA
All of our leggings are created and designed in the USA. We have 3 different fulfillment centers around the world (USA, Europe, China). Expect your leggings to be custom printed in 3 to 5 days, and shipped to your destination within 5 to 7 days.

All of our leggings come with our 30 Day - No Questions Asked - 100% Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with our leggings, just send it back to us and we will give you a 100% Full Refund. No questions asked.


Material: 82% Polyester /  18% SpandexZ
Color(s): Assorted Colors
Net Weight: 5.67oz-9.82oz / 160.74-287.39g
Width: Refer To Sizing Chart
Height: Refer To Sizing Chart

Leggings Sizing Chart

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