Thankful Personal Canvas Tote Bag To Carry Your Belongings

Thankful Personal Canvas Tote Bag To Carry Your Belongings

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  • $9.95 $24.95
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Thankful Personal Canvas Tote Bag To Carry Your Belongings

Have you ever dropped your groceries because the plastic bag you had them in started to tear? Or have you ever wanted to be more eco-friendly and help save the environment? If so, our handmade, non-tearable, and eco-friendly canvas tote bags are exactly what you need!

Our reusable, heavy-duty and environment-friendly canvas tote bags are excellent for buying groceries, shopping, carrying school supplies, laptops or work items. They also come in handy for working out at the gym, traveling to the beach or going on picnics.

Our hand-stitched canvas tote bags are not disposable (like other bags). They are made from high-quality canvas-like material known as Duck Cloth. This makes our tote bags non-tearable and very durable for years to come. You will not find any loose threads or unraveling hems, as each one of our tote bags are handmade, double-stitched and custom inspected upon completion.
Our handles are short enough to carry by your side, yet tall enough to comfortably carry over your shoulder. Whether you are using them to carry 3 pounds or 30 pounds, our super strong duck cloth material is guaranteed not to tear or rip.
With our tote bags weighing only 3.3 ounces (92 grams), you can easily fold them up in your hand and slide them into your pocket or purse. You can also store them in your car door or glove box, giving you easy access to it when you need it most.

Our eco-friendly tote bags are lead-free and BPA (BisPhenol A) approved. You can safely carry any food items and not be concerned about your health. They also do not contain - or put off - any harmful chemical smells or odors.

If your tote bag ever gets dirty, no worries. They are machine washable and dryer safe. You can easily wash them with the rest of your clothes and throw them in the dryer without harming anything. They are guaranteed not to bleed or stain any of your other clothes - even on the first wash.

Canvas Tote Bag Features:

    Our tote bags are the same size as the average grocery store bag. They are handcrafted from a strong canvas-like material and can easily carry up to 30 pounds (13.6 kg) or more.
    Our tote bags are guaranteed to be environment-friendly and made to last for years to come! They are made from all-natural and eco-friendly material known as Duck Cloth. This makes them strong and secure and non-tearable.
    The straps to our tote bags are made from a heavy-duty - non-tearable - material known as Webbing. Whether you are carrying your items by your side or over your shoulder, our tote bags always give you a third hand, making it easy to carry multiple items.
    Our tote bags are machine washable and dryer friendly. They are guaranteed not to stain or bleed onto any of your other clothing, even during the very first wash.
    No matter if it is your favorite color or design, our tote bags are guaranteed to attract attention as you show off your favorite design to the people around you!


Bag Material: Duck Cloth (canvas like material)
Handle Material: Wedding (nylong like material)

Color(s): Assorted Colors
Net Weight: 3.3oz - 92g
Width: 15" inches - 38.1 cm 
Height: 15" inches - 38.1 cm
Handle Height: 14" inches - 35.56 cm

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